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Megan was born May 15, 1983 in Salt Lake City, Utah and loves the state like a warm blanket. She has lived in Woods Cross, Utah all her life except for her foray down to Provo to attend Brigham Young University where she graduated in April 2005 in performance piano. She enjoys all forms of music and is also an accomplished vocalist. Other hobbies include cooking, Tae Kwon Do, and an occasional game of paintball. Megan graduated from Woods Cross High School in 2001 and currently works at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center as a pharmacy technician.


Dave was born January 17, 1983 in Salt Lake City, Utah and moved with his family to Durham, North Carolina where he spent the next nine years. Heís the second of eleven children and the first to go to medical school (assuming of course that he gets accepted next year). He is a senior studying philosophy at Brigham Young University and is active in many intramural sports and is a diehard paintball fanatic. He graduated from Woods Cross High School in 2001 and served in the Italy, Milan mission and loves making movies, being active, cooking tasty food, and taking his computer apart.

our story

As sophomores in high school we were in the same pre-calculus class with Mrs. Wheeler. Megan fondly remembers Dave as the kid who set back in the back of the class and played chess during the lesson and Dave remembers Megan as "the blond junior girl who is kind of quiet but probably quite smart." Little did he know that she was smart, and in his own grade...

Their first fateful meeting (where both of them actually remember speaking to each other for longer than six seconds) occurred their junior year of high school at the Harvest Ball. With mutual friends they ended up in the same group at the dance and along came a swing song. Neither of the two knew anything about swing dancing but someone said, "Hey Dave, you should dance with Megan," so he the grabbed hands and started to Ďdance.í Dave was appropriately dressed up like a Ď50's greaser (the theme for the dance) and Meganís first impression of him was "His hair is really shiny and slicked back." Dave on the other hand romantically thought, "her hands are dry," (which of course, was very true). Their young romance blossomed until the end of the song and then they spoke no more the rest of the night.

As the year moved on they became better friends through their mutual friends, though neither one was very interested in the other as more than simple friendship. At the end of their junior year Megan and Dave both ran for student body office and Megan became the school historian and Dave was the photographer. Through the summer they spent countless hours planning school activities and going to meetings and conferences. During the final dance (as Dave was hiding from a girl from Riverton who he was afraid was going to kiss him) at their week-long summer leadership camp they danced together and Megan gave Dave what he describes as "the best hug I had gotten up to that point in my life." Things could have started developing, but both chose other people to pursue during their senior year though they were very close friends and spent countless weekend nights with a bunch of friends in Meganís back room.

By the end of the year both were starting to gain a little more interest in the other one, and after a long struggle with a friend who also wanted to ask her, Dave took Megan (who was the Queen) to their Senior Ball. It was a magical evening that once again could have led to something, this time it was only Dave who headed off after someone else. (Actually, thereís much more to the story than this, but if you really want to know what happened youíll have to sign an oath of secrecy and speak to Dave at a secure location by appointment only.) During the summer Dave and Megan continued to do lots of fun things with their friends, but the catalyst necessary for their relationship to really start took place far far away in the land of the Romans.

Dave and several friends had all taken AP Art History from Mr. Hall during their senior year (whoever is reading this and is going to go to Woods Cross, be sure to take this class), and a trip to Italy was arranged to show off some of the art that had been scheduled. Since so many friends were going to go on this trip, Megan and another friend decided to tag along as a sort of a graduation trip. The two and a half weeks were spent and countless memories were made. Along the way Megan continued her non-aggressive flirting and Dave continued his patented "flirt with everyone he comes in contact with" technique, but all on the trip could see that he always gave Megan an extra dose of his flirtatious energy. Even with this, things might never have developed into anything once again if it werenít for a Sunday afternoon in Rome.

On the last day of the trip before flying home the tour group of tired young travelers was presented with some free time. There were many things to do, but only one afternoon in which to do them. Some went to see Mussoliniís New Rome, some went hunting for souvenirs and some elected to take a nap in the hotel. Nothing seemed particularly interesting to Dave, so he decided to just wander around the city and Megan graciously accepted his invitation to wander around the ancient city. As they walked for the first hour or so they just randomly spoke of whatever was on their minds, but conversation was cautiously directed by both of them into the realm of "who do you like?" type questions. After the list of common friends and what each person thought of each them the only question remaining was "what do you think of me?" Megan blatantly refused to answer, and Dave refused also all the way to their hotel, but right before he escaped into his own room he let it slip that he liked Megan. Megan replied with a "maybe I feel the same way about you" and they parted ways. That night they went on another walk and decided that they would "try things out" and see what developed between them.

Upon returning home things definitely continued to develop and they spent massive amounts of time together. They held hands for the first time together while watching Arachnophobia and had their first kiss on Labor Day 2001, the day before Dave went to BYU and Megan stayed home to attend the University of Utah. They continued their relationship from a distance with the help of email, calling cards, and a lot of patience. Dave received his mission call to serve in the Italy, Milan mission (coincidence, huh?) for the LDS church and he teased Megan that she would be married before he was gone for six months until the day he left.

While Dave had only promised to write Megan two letters while he was on his mission, he relented and wrote her every week for his whole time, and she reciprocated the favor for him. Though Megan definitely was never "waiting" for Dave to come home, she never found anybody who she really wanted to aggressively pursue and mainly just broke the heart of all her admirers. Dave extended his mission for two months because he was afraid of coming back to reality, but eventually he was forced to come back to the land of Utah. Since his departure, Megan had made the wisest decision up to that point in her life and transferred to BYU from Utah and she was just finishing finals in Provo. Dave lived in Bountiful for two weeks until Spring Term started, and the weekend that Megan moved back up North, Dave headed South. They continued their long distance relationship (mainly because Megan was driving it, because at this time Dave was still socially unstable) and eventually had their second "first kiss" on Memorial Day of 2004. That summer they made time for each other through different vacations, adventures, and Meganís near fatal hip infection. By the end of the summer Megan was convinced that they should be married, but Dave was not yet ready.

A year and a half later things were going great for Megan and Dave. Megan had graduated and was working at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center as a pharmacy tech and Dave was working as a stage manager in the Theater Department while going to school full time. Megan had brought up marriage about once every six weeks ever since the first time, but Dave could never bring himself to talk about it, so Megan was convinced that he was hopeless. One night after thanksgiving, however, she got the surprise of her life. After going to see the festival of trees, the two drove past the Jordan River Temple and stopped to take a look . Dave informed Megan that he had a present for her and presented her a box that he had cleverly hidden in the back seat under a coat. They got out of the car to open it and Megan discovered a bunch of packing peanuts and a plastic film container. She opened it and Dave told her to smell it, "Nuts!" she said, "No. Itís bacon!?!" Dave explained that it was a special bacon ball and he promptly popped it into her mouth. As she bit down, she discovered the ugliest 23 carat cubic zirconium diamond she had ever seen. Dave dropped to one knee and said, "So, you want to get hitched?" Megan was so surprised that she asked him if he was serious. He assured her that she was, so she asked "Are you serious?" yet again. This time she reacted to his nod with a joyful "YES!" and the plans to get married twenty days later were enacted. They will start their married life together December 20, 2005 in the Bountiful Temple.

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